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Aggression warplanes hit Sirwah 3 times

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MARIB, Feb. 13- The US-backed Saudi-led aggression coalition warplanes waged overnight three raids on Sirwah district of Marib province, a security official told Saba. The official said that the raids toll over the 24 hours raised to nine airstrikes on Serwah district. Saba Read the details
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Israel launches heavy Syria strikes after F-16 crashes

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JERUSALEM/BEIRUT (Reuters) - Israel launched heavy air strikes in Syria on Saturday, saying it hit air defenses and Iranian targets, and the Syrian army claimed to have brought down an Israeli F-16 that crashed in northern Israel in a major escalation of tension. The Israeli military said early assessments indicated the jet had been shot down by Sy Read the details
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Palestinian-Jordanian billionaire detained in Saudi Arabia: Family

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Palestinian-Jordanian businessman and Arab Bank chairman Sabih al-Masri has been arrested in Saudi Arabia, his family and friends said on Saturday. Multiple Arabic news reports had reported the news on Friday. The well-connected billionaire was detained during a visit to Riyadh on Wednesday, Al-Quds Al-Arabi, Rai AlYa Read the details
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Real Madrid want Neymar to replace Cristiano Ronaldo

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Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has reportedly met with Neymar's father to discuss the possibility of the Brazilian replacing Cristiano Ronaldo. According to Mundo Deportivo's Francesc Aguilar (h/t MailOnline's Matt Maltby), the pair have held talks with Perez still interested in Neymar after being beaten to hi Read the details
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Stolen Ancient Sarcophagus Covers Found in Israel Returned to Egypt

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Two ancient sarcophagus covers have been delivered to Cairo's Egyptian Museum after they surfaced at an auction in Israel, were seized by Israeli authorities and returned to Egypt last month. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Director-General Dr. Dore Gold said in May when Is Read the details
Egypt unearths 14 ancient statues in Luxor
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China explores sunken ship of 500 years old
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Singer's tomb unearthed in Egypt
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US Engineers unveil a battery-free cell phone

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WASHINGTON (REUTERS) We've all been there - your mobile phone loses power just as you need to make an important call. But now researchers have a developed a phone without any battery at all. The no-frills device is constructed from commercially-available components an Read the details
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Locked away beneath the surface of Mars are vast quantities of water ice. But the properties of that ice-how pure it is, how deep it goes, what shape it takes-remain a mystery to planetary geologists. Those things matter to mission planners, too: Future visitors to Mars Read the details
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Yemeni women and youth join to support Legislate Peace Campaign which was done in 196 countries

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There was Legislate Peace Campaign to support the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War(DPCW) proclaimed by Heavenly Culture World Peace restoration of Light(HWPL) in 2 major cities in Yemen in the first half of 2016. International Peace Youth Group(IPYG) and Intern Read the details
Yemeni scientist wins Avicenna Award
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