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US-Saudi aggression flightier jets continue heinous strikes on private and public properties in several provinces

Wednesday 19 April 2017 / 26 September Net
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SANAA Apr 19- The US-Saudi aggression warplanes continued fierce strikes on private and public properties in different province, a military official told Saba on Wednesday.

The warplanes waged nine raids on Khalid camp in Mawaza district and other two on Al Ameai Mountain in Dhubab district of Taiz province.

In Hajja province, the aggression air forces launched 14 strikes on various areas of Medi and Haradh districts.

Moreover, the enemy warplanes waged seven raids on Kalaf and Al Malahidh areas of Dhaher district and two other Al Thaban area of Baqim district, as well as a raid on Al Amarah area of Kutaf district and another one on Shada district of Saada province.

The warplanes hit Al Dailami air base on time in Sanaa province, two other on Kamaran island in Hodieda province, a raid on Daimat Al Ma'araif area in Osylan district of Shabwah province and two strikes on Al Shabakah and Al Shwrafah sites in Najran province, the official added.



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