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7 people killed and injured by SLC aggression airstrikes and border guard

Monday 16 April 2018 / 26 September Net
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PROVINCES, Apr 16 (26 September Net) - Seven people, including women and children, were killed and injured in US-backed Saudi-led coalition (SLC) and the Saudi border guards over the past 24 hours, according to army's military media.

Two citizens of Manabah border district were martyred by the Saudi border guards, indicating that a Saudi rocket and artillery shelling targeted different areas of Razeh border district, said the military official.

An airstrikes waged on the building of the court in the area of Gammar, two raids on Shaaban area of Razeh district, a raid on a water tank in the area of Talan and raid on the area of Maran in Haidan district.

Two airstrikes targeted area of Mathab in al- Safraa district and Kahlan camp east of the city of Saada, and a raid on the area of Qehza north of the city.

A child were killed, while her mother and sister were injured in an airstrike targeted a house at al- Atn area in Bakil al- Meer district in the province of Hajjah, and also a raid on a car at al-Abtah area in district of Qarah, causing to the killing of its driver and a woman.

The enemy warplane launched 10 raids on Haradh and Medi and seven raids on the area of al-Mazraq in the outskirts of Haradh.

In Hodeidah province, an airstrike waged on Jabal Ras district, two in Taiz south of Khalid camp and four on deferent areas of Mawza district.

Two airstrikes targeted communication networks and Qabren radio stations at al- Zabadi area in district of Jibla in Ibb province.

Two other airstrikes on one of the locations in front of Qais mountain in Jizan.



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