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Dozens of mercenaries killed and wounded in military operations in Al-Jawf

Monday 16 April 2018 / 26 September Net
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Al-Jawf, 16 April (26 September Net)- Dozens of Saudi aggression mercenaries were killed in large-scale military operations launched on Monday by army and popular forces against mercenaries’ positions in the districts of Al Ghail, Al Masloub and Al Matoon of Al-Jawf province.

A military source confirmed that army and popular forces targeted the positions of mercenaries in Al Sallan, Kubri Al Bahith camps and Waqaz area of Al Masloub district.

The source pointed out that mercenaries have been sustained heavy losses in the military operations that targeted their positions in Wadi Shawak and Nuba Saber in the district of of Al Ghail and Qayta area of Al Matoon district.

The source also confirmed that a military vehicle loaded with mercenaries was destroyed by targeting it in Al-Mahashmeh area of Khab and Shaaf district.




Coalition continues escalation in Lahj’s Karesh

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Coalition mercenaries targeted on Sunday al-Heidayn area in Karesh district of Lahj province with a number of artillery shells, causing material damage to the property of citizens. This constant and daily escalation comes despite the process of Sweden's 4th day of consultation in the Swedish capital, Stockholm and in l Details
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