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Naval forces targeting enemy warship off the coast of Hodeidah

Wednesday 13 June 2018 / 26 September Net
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Hodeidah, June 13 (26 September Net) - On Wednesday morning, the Yemeni navy targeted a warship of the forces of aggression when their warships trying to advance off the coast of Hodeidah.

A source in the navy said that an enemy warship was attacked off the coast of Hodeidah by two sea-to-sea missiles, where columns of smoke were seen rising directly after hitting it, causing the rest of the battleships to retreat and move away from the naval fire.

He confirmed that the strike was a direct hit in the enemy warship and that there are ongoing attempts to save on board, pointing out that war vessels hurried up to the targeted warship to withdraw the dead and wounded under air cover and intensive Apache flights.

The source pointed out that the targeted ship was carrying troops and military equipment prepared for the implementation of a sea landing on the coast of Hodeidah in the context of the escalation of the forces of invasion and occupation aimed at advancing towards Hodeidah.


A child killed in mercenaries’ fire in Hodiedah

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In a new ceasefire violation, a child was killed on Sunday by Saudi mercenaries’ fire in Hodeidah province. The child was killed in the village of al-Oqdah, south-east of Hays district of Hodeidah province as mercenaries were targeting the village with machine guns, a military source said. The Saudi-led coalition Details
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